Wapsie Valley Creamery, Inc. was formed in 1906.  Clarence Nielsen was the first family member to run Wapsie Valley starting in 1924.  Over the years, Wapsie has produced butter, cream, orange juice, bottled milk, cheese, lactose and whey products.  Four generations of the Nielsen family have had significant management input in the direction of the company.  Many other family members have worked at Wapsie over the years.

Wilbur Nielsen, Clarence's son, brought 60+ years of experience within the Creamery as well as a wealth of knowledge of manufacturing processes and efficiencies in the day-to-day operations.

Currently, two generations are involved in the day-to-day activities at Wapsie.  Mark Nielsen (Wilbur’s son) has been involved in the management of Wapsie for 30+ years.  Prior to coming back to the company in a management role, Mark worked for a large wholesale foods manufacturer in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Mark has vast knowledge of the dairy markets and manufacturing processes.  Due to the volatility of the dairy industry, it is necessary for Mark to continuously monitor the various markets before establishing the pay prices for milk to the dairy farmers each month.

Ryan Nielsen, Mark’s son, returned to Wapsie in 2009 after working for Siemens USA.  He brings a breadth of knowledge of manufacturing equipment and processes.  Since Ryan has returned to the company, there have been numerous installations of computer technology and equipment that will allow Wapsie to produce its products more effectively and efficiently in the future.

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